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Dashcode officially released

Dashcode has been officially released. Though many MacBook users already got it with their Xcode DVD. Hopefully this releases has an updated version that is easier to use.

Major new OSX Features (12) – Examples for Web Page to Widget

Sorry about missing the number 11!

  • Top 10 downloads page
  • Book bestseller list

Major new OSX Features (10) – Dashboard cont.

Dashcode also ships with parts libary for search fields e.t.c.

Major new OSX Features (10) – Dashboard


  • Templated widget creation, RSS, podcasts e.t.c…
  • Turn any part of a web page into a widget

Mail Demo – To Do’s and latest from Mac-Headz forum

  • Following from Mac-Headz
  • HTML Email. Stationary, Notes, To Do items.
  • Sending out great photo emails will be easy. Lots of templates/stationary.
  • To Do items can be created from mail messages with a checkbox. Tied directly to iCal.
  • A system-side tracker.

Mail Demo – Notes

  • Notes stand out in Mail
  • Easy to create

Mail Demo – Rich Mail

  • Drag and drop photos
  • Lots of stationary options
  • Very easy to send rich mail

Major new OSX Features (9) – Mail – “The Big One” – Cont.


No more sending emails to myself to remind me of things

To dos

Like notes, but more powerful. Any app can make To-Dos. Works seamlessly with iCal

Major new OSX Features (8) – Mail – “The Big One”

  • Stationary
  • Notes
  • To-dos
  • Lots of templates