Reliving the Keynote

Christmas came early this year when my dad let me borrow his WWDC badge for the keynote (he wasn’t too interested in camping out), so I thought I’d extend the favor to you guys and let you at least see what it’s like. For the record, my first stevenote, and, well, it was an experience. So, to begin, John Casasanta (iClip), Austin Sarner (AppZapper), Blake Burris (CocoaRadio) and I enter Moscone center at around 8 am. Doesn’t look too bad, looks like we beat the crowd?!

Entrance Hall

We go up the escalators to the second floor… crowd’s pretty sparse. We leave Blake at the media desk. (He has some trouble with the guy there and ends up waiting 45 minutes for his press badge, but beats us out at the end with a seat six rows from the stage.)

Up The Escalators

Nice. The Longhorn/Vista trash talking banners make a return. The first: “Mac OS X Leopard: Introducing Vista 2.0”. The second, “Redmond has a cat, too. A copycat.” And the third and by far the best, “Hast la vista, Vista”. Cheeky Apple, very cheeky.

Introducing Vista 2.0

Hast la vista, Vista

Uhoh. So I guess we weren’t that early. Patches of Mac fanbois are starting to appear, clustered mainly around the breakfast food and drinks.

Not Too Bad

Walking down a little bit further. This is getting sort of bad. I wish Austin and I had come earlier, like way earlier, than we planned.

Kinda Bad

Uhhh yeah. Turn the corner, and wow. Guess we should’ve gotten here at 5 am or so like everyone else.

Oh Crap

Mac fanbois unite. The line of people was literally snaking around the floor. Unbelievable. (Later at the keynote, Steve mentions that this is the biggest WWDC ever with over 4000 developers attending.)


We sit down and hang out with Brian Ball (AppZapper, MacZot), Trygve Inda (EarthDesk), Edward Laing (Pzizz) and Juan Alverez (CastLife) while waiting for the doors to open. Juan distracts us with some card tricks. I see a lot of Macbooks, Macbook Pros, and DS lites in the crowd. (And one guy playing a PSP.)

Magic Tricks

David Nanian (of award-winning and popular backup application Super Duper) poses for the camera with Brian. If only we could turn time back… Dave’s a really good guy, we were discussing bribing some Apple security guys to pretend to escort Austin out for being underrage, but then Austin came, and we sort of gave up on that.

Dave Nanian

Chilling with ShapeShifter’s Jason Harris and Monkey Business Labs’ chief monkeys, Josh Keay and David Keay. Jason and Josh were especially nice after having collaborated with them in various ways before.

Josh Keay, David Keay, Jason Harris

Ooh! A few minutes past 10 am, the line starts moving. It’s finally happening, and the excitement is literally just running through the crowd.

Long Lines

Going throught the second floor again, we’re split up into three lines, one per up-escalator. I get brief images of bright green shirted cowboys rounding up and splitting a herd of cows.

Long Lines

Woohoo, Keynote here we come!

Long Lines

As we get to the third floor, I notice people starting to speed up. Apple employees are telling us not to run, but us Apple fanbois nevertheless do what we can to walk about as fast as we can without breaking into a jog. In retrospect, pretty silly, but hey, everyone was doing it.

Entering the Mothership

We sit down, and the last stage of waiting begins. The hall is loud, there’s projector screens on either side of us with the footage they’ll be putting up later, and they’re playing some Coldplay, Gorillaz, and again, cheekily enough, Postal Service.

Awaiting Steve

Just a quick snap of my row. It was a fun bonding experience. From left to right, David Keay, Josh Keay and John Casasanta again.

Waiting To Begin

My temporary pseudonym. It’s Doctor Seungoh Ryu, thank you very much.


After a false alarm (yeah, we actually all started cheering when some guy who vaguely looked like Steve popped his head out or something), oh my God oh my God it’s Steve! His face wasn’t as blurry as it appears here.

Steve Arrives

At this point, I invite you to switch to the Quicktime movie Apple has up recording the Keynote.

And… it’s over. Note the mix of exhilaration, ecstacy, shock and pure post-reality-distortion-field syndrome on John’s face.


We promptly go downstairs to pick up our (or in my case, my dad’s) preview copy of Leopard. Woot.


Finally, stepping outside afterwards. There’s an air of festivity, lots of discussion, and a lot of hungry developers. Before we go for some lunch, I take one more snap. The three most influential Macintosh ginger developers. I don’t think Panic’s Will was too happy about this one.

Ginger Trio

I know it’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself, but hey, next best thing right? The keynote was a blast, I’ll be posting more about it later. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse at what it was like. Now, back to installing Leopard…

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  1. Justin on

    oh some really great pics there, and thank you so much for the keynote video link, i’ve been looking to watch the keynote for a while and been searching for it for ages, thanks!

  2. gwhiz on

    Post more. We’re a hungry lot! 🙂

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