OSX Part Six

They aren’t showing us everything. Don’t want anyone to steal them (Microsoft)


10:31 am can run 32 bit apps side by side with 64 bit – no emulation, no translation
full support, top to bottom
10:31 am did in a completely 32 bit compatible way
10:31 am have a fully native 64 bit UI carbon app
10:31 am in leopard – giant leap forward – extend support all the way through UI framework into applications
10:30 am previously at unix layer
10:30 am 1) support for 64 bit applications
10:30 am major things in leopard demo:
10:30 am don’t want photocopiers started too early
10:29 am top secret features not being shown, just not letting you know what they are.
10:29 am what we can’t show:
10:29 am we’re working on Leopard
giving preview of Leopard today


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