Major new OSX Features (2) – TimeMachine cont.

10:39 am it is that easy to go back in time and restore what you want to restore
10:39 am desktop “warps” back to place in time
10:39 am file previews without going through full restore
10:38 am devs are impressed
10:38 am finder windows “warping” forward
10:38 am can go back a day – or two days
10:38 am timeline on right-hand side
10:37 am visual representation of moving through time
10:37 am finder windows move through timeline on the side of the machine through time – very cool to watch
10:37 am instantly back
10:37 am with time machine, you can get those files back by entering a date or time
10:36 am finder window

Above – MacRumors

Will warp desktop, visual representation. Can search for documents in the past! Also works for third party apps. Works in iPhoto. Can find deleted photos from back in time.

“Absolutely the best way to back up everything you have, store everything, and find what you need that you thought you didn’t”

iPhoto demo shows the rolling into the past


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  1. vincenttavera on

    This is something mac users have been waiting for. We all know that hfs+ journaling keeps file info available and some small parts at times depending on the file, file recovery was non existent without 3rd party apps, I think this feature will be especially useful for newer users/switchers.

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