Mac Pro announced today!

Steve Jobs spoke about the transition to Intel processors and spoke about how everything had moved except the PowerMac, at this point he handed the stage to Phil Schiller. Phil informs everyone that it will be based on the Xeon chips (aka woodcrest chip), it is 64 bit,

Comparison: G5 quad to Xeon quad. From 54 to 115 increase, 2.1x. From 48 to 76, 1.6x increase. 4.8 to 7.6 From 1.5 to 1.8x faster with applications

Also the 3GHz we were promised so long ago.


3 comments so far

  1. Michael on

    Good, its the old case. I love it.

  2. Ken C on

    Yeah I am glad to see the old case. I am sure the next reiteration of the “Mac Pro” will probably have a new case

  3. vincenttavera on

    I feel really good about his, the old case brings familiarity, along with the functionality of helping cool that beast. For those of you hat have ever really opened a Pmac G5, it is well organized, I think that is something that is the way it is because of the case design.
    Thank you Apple. 🙂

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