Here we go… live coverage

MacPro Built to Order

Processor – all quad, up to 3ghz
Ram – 16 GB memory
HDD – 2 TB storage
Graphics (Still ATi) – up to radeon x1900 or FX4500
wireless BlueTooth & Airport

Ships today
MacPro Cont.

4 PCI express slots

2.6 Ghz dual
256 MB ram ?

Processors fit in compact space – leaves lots of room in case for full size ram, drives, everything

$1000 more to get close from Dell

Crowd are very excited


Old case, two optical drives, Woodcrest Core2Duo processors, up to 3GHz, 4MB Cache, 64Bit, Up to 3x a Zeon, 128 bit vector engine, all Dual Core. 1.6 to 2.1x faster, and every MacPro gets 2.

MacRumors Live

10:12 am second optical drive
10:12 am up to 2 TB of internal storage
10:12 am less cooling in box
room for 4 hard drives
10:12 am each on it’s own – 25GB/sec bandwidth
256 bit wide memory access
twice the bus of the G5
10:11 am “it’s a great chip”
10:11 am around 2x faster in xcode
10:11 am everyday apps performance
taken a bunch of apps and tested the speeds
around 2x speed increase in real-world use


On to today – the mac. 3/4 of mac purchases were intel based. Last quarter is best quarter yet.

17 million Apple Store visitors to Apple stores in the last quarter. 50% of purchasers are new users.

Steve welcomes audience – 48 countries, 4200 attendees


2 comments so far

  1. tom on

    so where’s the live coverage? it’s like 2 and this stopped a long time ago…

  2. Mark Howson on

    Try visiting the main page

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