Welcome to WWDC Live! Our confirmed contributors so far are…

Phill Ryu from the excellent blog, one of the most popular mac related blogs on the net (and certainly the best designed), will be crossposting some of his articles on the WWDC right here on WWDC Live, which is pretty cool, considering he’s so big and all.

Mark Howson from, will be co-ordinating the project with his usual co-ordinating flair (so we might get started the day after the WWDC). He’ll also be adding some content of his own at some point. All Marks articles will be 100% exclusive to the WWDC blog.

Vincent Tavera also known as MacMan on the, Vincent will be providing his ever critical view right here on apples new releases, with selected articles exclusive to the WWDC live blog.

Ken Crockett will be the guy telling you what’s new, as quickly as is humanly possible. He’ll also be sharing his opinions on the WWDC releases. Ken runs Apple News Now, at

Adam Christianson from the stupidly popular MacCast ( will be sharing his analysis from the show with us. And if any of you have seen the MacRoundtable (, you know he’s going to have some pretty strong opinions that he is more than willing to voice.

Rick Chin of Rick’s Mac News ( has 22 years of mac
experience, and is a senior vice president at a major financial institution.
Previous president of the MacPeople MUG ( for 13
years, and still an active part of the group. Rick looks forwards to the any
new macs to be announced and will share his ever critical view on the latest
apple releases, especially hardware releases and their impact on business.

…we can’t wait to bring you the best in WWDC coverage, as it happens


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